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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      This live show will begin 7pm EST 10/12/2016 on YouTube Live. You can click the link on my YouTube channel to watch.

      You can post your questions to this thread and I will answer them live on the show. Even if you’re not able to watch the show live, I will be posting the finished video here after the show concludes so you can see your answers.

      Hope to see you there!

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        Hey Eric, my Infiniti G37 car has started to have uneven idle, especially when cold, and even stalled immediately after starting a couple times after a short drive.. it might be a minor issue but what are the most likely causes for this? There is no engine warning light showing.



          Hey Eric. Is it a good idea to clean the engine bay even if I take the appropriate precautions like cover all the electronic components and use a regular household hose instead of a pressure washer.

          Thank you and keep up the great work!


            Eric, Been working on a P0171 -P0174 Lean both banks on a 2000 GMC 5.7L Vortec for some time now. Fact is the miles per gallon are down from 16 to 13. Runs ok but the fuel trim shows around 7-10 on both banks at idle then goes up under load. New fuel pump and regulator. Under local driving the CEL stays off but under heavy loads it comes on. Any Ideas on what to check and in what order? Thanks.

            Robb RyniakRobb Ryniak

              Hi Eric, love the videos. You’ve helped me a ton. OK, so I have a 2012 Taurus SHO that I replaced the brakes on earlier this year with EBC rotors and performance street pads, and more recently did a full brake flush using OEM fluid and a shop air powered suction tool using the venturi effect to pull the fluid through the bleeder valves. I went in the correct wheel order, and waited til the fluid came out clear with no air before moving on to the next wheel. Now, after the change, the brakes are just as spongy as before the flush, if not more so. They get a bit better after 5-10 minutes, but not awesome like they should be. What could be wrong? Do I need to redo the brake flush? It was my first time doing brakes, so it’s entirely possible I messed up somehow.


                Hey Eric, Thanks for the great work and great videos. Been following you for a long time.

                I have a 2006 Cadillac STS4, and the rear upper control arm (ball joint) is stuck. I’ve tried a BFH, and it doesn’t budge. Any tips besides air tools or heat?



                  Hey Eric, love your show. Buying a 97 jeep wrangler tj. Hasn’t moved in about 5 years. Looks like the fuel pump is bad. Anything I should detail before I start running it?

                  Simon ClarksonSimon Clarkson

                    Hey Eric,

                    I’m going to rebuild a THM350 transmission be myself, I have tools, manuals, and kits, I’ve never rebuilt one before, but my technical training in the motorcycle industry does cover technical motor rebuilds, so apart from being a little nervous, i’m going to try it anyway. Plus I have watched others on Youtube doing it, and it seems very straight forward.

                    Do you have any thoughts before I proceed, I’d be interested in hearing it.

                    Take care, love your work.


                    Jeff hutchinsJeff hutchins

                      Hey eric long time viewer love the videos I have a 2002 f150 4×4 sat for 2 years got it running only 2 problems 1 the brake line going to the rear of the vehicle under the cab busted is this a easy fix and the return line to the power steering rusted thrPugh can I use just a peice of rubber line to fix this thanks jeff from dayton ohio

                      Low RiderLow Rider

                        Hi Eric I have a 1993 Chevy S10 with a 2.5 I4 and a manual 5 speed, I was wondering what would be an easy V8 swap for this kind of truck? Plus there is a lot of oil coming out of the breather and i was wondering how I could fix that?

                        Any information would help.

                        Thanks Eric.


                          Hi Eric

                          just wanted to say thanks for the videos. I have come to them quite a few times. just really wanted to say thanks for your time for making them

                          Have fun and stay dirty


                            Hey Eric
                            I have a 99 accird ex 3.0 it gas 278, 465 miles and im having some issues. It has a random multiple mistfire on various cylinders. I have replave all intake and head gaskets, also the cap and rotor on distriputor and plugs and wires. Icmve checked compression on all cylinders and tgey range from 125 to 135. But originally only cylinder 5 and 6 were only misfiring. Until i put new injectors. Do you think it could be that the pump cant keep up with the new flowing injectors. I also replaced o2 sensir and catalytic converter. Its misfired really bad at idle and hesitates and struggles to get up to speed.Please help thnx
                            And stay dirty

                            Joshua CampbellJoshua Campbell

                              Hey Eric,

                              On Monday I caught your ETCG1 video and it just happened to be my birthday as well. (you responded to my comment) You always say happy Birthday!

                              Just wondering how that started in the first place.

                              Kolten L CanfieldKolten L Canfield

                                Hey Eric, I’ve got a 1998 nissan Altima that I just bought that had a broken timing chain. After replacing the chain and getting it back up on its feet I’m having a bunch of electrical problems. Accessories such as turn signals (but emergency flashers work), horn, gauges, power windows, power mirrors, etc. What would be the first step in fixing these? I’ve watched your video on electrical basics, but I’m still stumped. I’ve checked all fuses I can find and the battery is brand new putting out 12.5 V. Any ideas? Thanks.


                                  ERIC!! Thanks to you i will be graduation UTI Automotive school friday, you inspired me to start working on my own car and got very interested on working on cars and pursued the field. Should have a opportunity with AUDI or Subaru dealership soon, so thanks so much. I do have a question tho, My car recently just had terrible idle issues and you would think i would be able to figure it out but i dont have time really to work on it or the space. The car is Surging. idles normally at 750ish but dips down till its about to die but jumps back up. I was thinking IAC but not sure, i have a 94 Galant. What are your thoughts? when im sitting there just watching it dip down, i brought the RPMS up to about 1500-2k and noticed that it would cough or skip. when im driving around i dont notice it at all, thats why i was thinking IAC but again what are your thoughts? Thanks eric!


                                    I have a 1989 mustang with a great body, no rust and in it is a well running 2.3 efi. I also have a spare 302. Would it be worth it to swap or should I stick with the 2.3 with possibly a turbo? The aod in it is junk, and I have another to put in but if I am going 302 I might as well do it all at once. Car will be more of a daily driver with some geddup. Thanks from across the border in Pennsylvania.

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