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    Rob megeeRob megee

      My first car was a Sunbeam Alpine. It had no: paint, exhaust, brakes, clutch cylinder or rag top. i am still looking for one to restore. It was a lot of fun.

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        Hi my first car was a Peugeot 308 1994, heater didn’t work and acceleration was terrible, I’m from uk so I’ve only ever seen pics of your car.


          My first car was a 1970 Ford Fairlane 500. This came with a 351C (Cleveland) engine and I really worked hard on that car to keep it going. Unfortunately, My FF had a serious rust problem and the back leaf springs where broke all the way thru and just the U bolts holding them in place. When I accelerated I had to hold on to the steering wheel because the two front bolts that held the seat down where rusted thru (lol). I bought the car for 425.00 bucks from a farmer in my home town. I see old tv shows now and again that show one running down the road and it brings back fond memories of my old highschool days 🙂

          Wish I still had that engine!


            For some reason when I was at a legal age to drive I didn’t bother to learn , I waited 10 years before I showed an interest in cars or driving , that means I missed out on the good old classics like you describe , shame on me .

            Brandon DriskillBrandon Driskill

              1974 Plymouth Duster. It was a hand me down from my mother. My dad and I replaced the 318cid with a 360cid small block and fitted it with an aftermarket cam, headers, aluminum intake, & Holley carb. I also rebuilt the front suspension with polygraphite bushings and added a front sway bar. I sold it for a 1972 Dodge Challenger, but now 25 years later, I would love to own a Duster again.


                Do you still own the American Idol that is the Dodge charger. What are they actually like to drive.

                Brandon DriskillBrandon Driskill

                  [quote=”Davison” post=113090]Do you still own the American Idol that is the Dodge charger. What are they actually like to drive.[/quote]If you are referring to me, I did not own a Charger. I owned a Challenger, but I sold it back in 1994 or 1995.



                    Sorry I read it wrong, my eyes got to the word dodge and my brain took over with images of the charger, d’oh. I do apologise.

                    Bryan CastorBryan Castor

                      My first car is the 8th gen Honda Civic. Might’ve tinkered with it a bit or you can say ‘modified’ it to my preference. Hey, it’s my own car. Haha! 👿

                      Steel Tube Philippines

                      trussell beamtrussell beam

                        1995 honda accord ex, its actually the car im leaning up on in my pic. it ran like a dream and it being my first love, i did what everyone would do. i dogged the hell out of her… fun times :woohoo:


                          i am driving my first car right now. 1992 ford crown victoria. interesting to maintain but not hard to drive. her name is vicky and shes a cruising machine lol.


                            My first car was a 1964 Thunderbird


                              16 years old with a summer job’s money burning in my pocket. Bought a 1968 MGB in 1973 ( found later while buying lots of parts it was technically a 1967, but sold as a 68 as that was the way it was done in those days….)

                              After looking at it when I brought it home, my dad said he would “help me with it if I gave him carte blanche to buy the parts needed to make it roadworthy” (or something like that).

                              To this day I remember it was:
                              VIN: 18GB RUH 90288
                              Engine: GHN3L134356J
                              Had to buy a lot of parts and you needed both to make sure you got the right ones…….I have no idea what any of the #’s were of any cars I’ve owned since….

                              For me it was:
                              * the best bonding experience possible with my dad (an engineer and a lover of cars, who was pained by the issues with the car)
                              * the best learning experience for me on things mechanical as:
                              a/ I hadn’t spent any interest in them before owning a car and
                              b/ it was actually easy to work on.

                              I still look back on it fondly, even though I think my driving to fixing ratio was around 3:1………..


                                My first car is a 2008 dodge avenger sxt. not the greatest car, but it has been there when I needed it the most.

                                Kevin TerrellKevin Terrell

                                  My first car was a 1994 Eagle Vision ESI with the 3.3L V6. I got the car for free from my dad’s boss’ neighbor. He had bought another car and apparently no one else wanted an off brand rebadged Dodge Intrepid/ Chrysler Concord. I did a bunch of work on the car which lasted me until I was halfway through college when the #1 cylinder lost all compression. I wanted to take it apart and see what happened and if I could fix it, but I was busy with work and school and never got around to it. It sat in my parents yard for a whole year until my dad donated it to a charity which towed it away. My guess is they sold it for scrap. I did save the emblems off of it though.

                                  Thomas FerryThomas Ferry

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