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      I watched both videos on Disposable Technicians. The attitude of some shop owners is totally wrong. I firmly believe that circumstances need to be looked at on a case by case basis. Successful companies invest in their employees in order to increase market share. The notion that employees in all cases must bring everything to the shop and you just pay them is not always practical.

      There are instances where companies need to help people out. I got rejected by over 60 different Garages. I had no experience, education and no tools. The final interview I went to I told the Shop Owner that all I need is an opportunity to work and I would handle business. He took a chance with me and in 90 Days I was a registered apprentice.

      The point I am making is that Companies need to invest in people that show initiative. Not everyone will come through the door with all of the necessary skills. However, just like the army people can be built to do well.

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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        I commend you and your initiative however I think it would have been much easier for you had you taken the time to get the automotive education. These days it’s difficult to bring someone in with no schooling or experience as you are more of a liability than an asset. What if you were the employer and you hired someone to be a mechanic that didn’t have the necessary schooling or experience and they damaged a vehicle due to their lack of knowledge? You would then be in a position where you had to pay for the repair as well as having to deal with a dissatisfied customer. Not smart business if you asked me.

        This video was more about the education and training of EXISTING technicians, not the training required to become a technician. Just because you go to school and get a degree in auto repair that doesn’t mean that you’re done. There are new technologies happening every day and in order to service those new technologies you need to be up to date. The question the video was trying to address was about the employers unwillingness to get his existing workforce certified and updated, instead he went looking for new hires.


          It is my opinion that the employer should work to get his existing employees certified. That should be the first step. If that does not work. Perhaps he will have to look outside of his employees. Perhaps he could bring on someone part time. Usually there is more to the story than people let on.

          P.S You are right about the getting the automotive education ahead of time. However, I could not afford the $4,000 to go to school for the 2 year program. By getting into the program this way I managed to avoid that cost and move right along.

          EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

            There are other ways if you look hard enough. I couldn’t afford it either.



              Here is one example of a disposable technician:


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