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No-Start Problems

When your vehicle isn’t starting, you first need to make an important distinction as to the type of no-start you have. There are two basic types of no-start conditions: crank/no start and no crank/ no start. When an engine cranks, you can hear it spin, but the engine doesn’t catch and run on its own. So with a no crank/no start, you don’t hear the engine moving at all. You might hear a click or buzz but other than that, nothing. For the rest of this article, we’ll split the two types of no-starts into these categories.

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1 thought on “Solving Automotive No-Start Problems”

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    Kameron Mathews

    So I have a 97 civic hatchback with a d16y7 and I replaced my timing belt and now it won’t start. No crank no start. Do you think it could be my distributor. The accessories still work like my radio and stuff.