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The information on this page answers 90% of the questions I receive. I hope you find it helpful. 

Here’s a list of topics you can choose from. Just click any of these links and it will take you directly to that topic on the site

no start problems

electrical problems

engine performance problems

automatic transmission

manual transmission

engine overheating



idle issues (I’ve also written extensively on Honda idle issues)



poor MPG


purchasing a used vehicle

If those don’t cover a topic you’re looking for help with, or you want to ask a specific question, you can sign up for the website (It’s located on the upper right of the page at that link) and post your question to my forum. It’s free and I won’t sell your email address to anyone. 

If you have any trouble signing up, just contact and they’ll get you squared away. 

Once you’ve signed up, you can post your question to the Service and Repair thread

If you have a Check Engine Light, or Service Engine Soon Light, you might check out our Codes Page for more information on how to solve that. Not only do we have a list of OBDII codes, but some codes also have articles that help you solve them. 

Another easy way to find information on the site is to do a simple search using our search function. Just type in a few key words like, “brake noise”, “car won’t start”, or your OBDII codes into the search box and it will search the entire site, as well as any forum posts that might pertain to your problem. It’s probably the fastest way to find information on the site. You’ll find search boxes on just about every page of the site, including the Home Page

If you’re looking for a particular video I’ve made on either ETCG or ETCG1, you can find that on the Videos Page. There you will find all the latest videos categorized by topic and when they were released. There’s also a search box on that page you can use. 

If you’re looking for an answer to a question about a particular video, please check the description of that video for links to the answers you’re looking for. Many times you can get answers just by looking in the descriptions of my videos.

The site also has a Tools Page, a Tool Give Away Page, and a page for ETCG1 videos

If you want to know about the latest happenings at EricTheCarGuy, check out the Blog Page. There you’ll find an archive of my monthly newsletters where I talk about things like the #FairmontProject , Fixing it Forward, and all things past, present, and future in the ETCG universe. It’s a great way to be in the know when it comes to the latest videos and projects I’m working on. 

Also, if you have a suggestion for me, video or otherwise, you can post it over at the ‘Suggestion Box’ on my forum after you sign up. 

I also have several VManuals that you can purchase that will help you with jobs like timing belts and clutches

If you’re interested in exclusive EricTheCarGuy videos, consider signing up for a Premium Membership. You’ll have access to an entire library of exclusive videos as well as other great perks. 

My shop is located at 3970 US St. Rt. 42 in Mason OH. However, my shop is not open to the public and therefore I’m not taking on any new customers at this time. 

If you wish to send something to me, please use my P.O. box. 

P.O. Box 395

Kings Mills, OH 45034

If you’re in the Cincinnati area and need a good mechanic, I recommend my friend Scott Armstrong of Armstrong Automotive. His shop is located in Fairfield OH near Jungle Jim’s. Here’s his phone # 513-939-3903

If you want to know more about me and how I became ETCG, check out the About Page

Thanks again for your request and for your understanding. I hope this information helps you find the answers you’re looking for!

Stay Dirty